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What is a Vision Quest?

The Vision Quest is an ancient rite of passage used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures and mystical societies for spiritual growth and expansion. The tradition passed to us consists of 4 days and 4 nights immersed in the beauty and healing energy of nature, alone in a Quest circle, no distractions, fasting from all things familiar.


You come face to face with yourself, and get to know more deeply who you are (and who you are not). With all distractions and the noise of daily life removed, and the voices of those around you silenced, you are more able to hear the whisperings of your soul reminding you why you came here in this life. 4 days and 4 nights — just you alone with the Creator.

Program Overview

The program lasts one week. 


Sat and Sun:

You will arrive and we will spend a day and a half preparing you for your quest.  It will involve picking your spot, preparing it with your supplies, and discussions/lectures around camp to prepare you for your experience.


Mon - Thurs:

Your quest.  Simply put, it is 4 days and nights, in a 10 foot circle, fasting, with very limited supplies.


You will come in from your quest and adjust back to normal life.  You will spend Friday journaling your experience... and eating!  We will also discuss how to interpret your experience and how to incorporate it into your life.


We will wrap up the experience and you will head home. Different.  

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