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Jeff Hummel


Hi!  My first quest was in 2013. I had to go.  There was no choice. I went because I realized that I had something inside of me, a light, that I (and society) had been denying, repressing, fearful of. When I had my first son I could see it so obvious and bright in him. I wanted to help him keep it and I knew the only way I could do that was to find it again in myself. 

"Infancy is the perpetual messiah, which comes into the arms of fallen men, and pleads with them to return to paradise."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


The experience had a big impact on my life, and as with any meaningful experience I had an immediate desire to share it with others.  


Since then I've done multiple quests myself, taken a 10-day training course on how to run them, and had monthly calls for years with my mentor.  


My Role:  Protector

I am here simply to take care of your needs.  I will handle the logistics, get you prepared, provide a location, and protect the integrity of your experience (I will ensure you are not disturbed).  Your quest is NOT about me.  It IS about you.  My goal is get you prepared and provide support while keeping out of sight.  


If you feel called to it I would  love to protect you on your quest.

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